SBQuantum – Pathway to Magnetic Intelligence

Transitioning a technology outside of the lab is challenging, shifting away from the ‘start with perfection’ to incremental technology provepoints to accelerate to field demonstrations. David will share our journey from a PhD research project to developing an hardware enabled platform based on diamond quantum magnetometers. Challenges to developing a compact and performant sensor and gaining experience in the field to refine the key technological advantages against the existing landscape will also be discussed. These key elements have led to the inception of the magnetic intelligence platform to redefine the value of magnetometers in geophysical surveys.

Speaker profile: David Roy-Guay, CEO, co-founded SBQuantum two years ago and has since grown the company to 10 employees in Sherbrooke, Québec Canada. Before spinning out of Institut quantique, he completed a Master’s degree in Physics at the NRC in Ottawa on confined structures for quantum dot lasers. After completion of his PhD on diamond based magnetometry, he pursued postdoctoral studies, leading an engineering team at the Université de Sherbrooke to prototype the technology, co-published three patents, participated in several grant applications and reports on quantum technology. For David, failures are part of the adventure, both in technology development and in hobbies, sometimes causing injuries and good laughs!

Company profile: Shine Bright Quantum is based in Sherbrooke, Québec. SBQ develops diamond based quantum sensors with vectorial capabilities for space, defence and infrastructure inspection. Its mission is to prevent of contaminant leaks from mining, oil and gas and waste management industries of reaching tap water and to provide high precision magnetometers for navigation. Deployment of the compact technology into novel platforms will make high precision magnetic field mapping and diagnosis of magnetic signals accessible to a large user base.

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Feb 11 2021


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8:30 pm - 9:00 pm

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  • Date: Feb 11 2021
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